Enterprise Phone Systems

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What is an Enterprise Phone System?

Enterprise phone system is a technology that provides traditional office telephones, softphones, mobile devices, and audio conferencing by a local or regional phone company providing telephone connectivity over the internet.

Enterprise phone system also includes voicemail, instant messaging, and presence or locator functionality that modernize and enhance corporate communication.

Video calls and voice chats over the Internet have become essential to corporate communication, thus the enterprise phone system continues vital in technology in connecting employees with colleagues, customers, and partners even families. In communication and collaboration technologies, converging is an enterprise phone system is essentially beneficial to its enterprise.

Here are a few facts about enterprise phone systems and how your business can benefit from them.

Fact #1

Enterprise phone system available today allows human interaction through speech, video calls, and conferencing at your convenience.

Fact #2

The enterprise phone system is designed to enable employees to communicate and collaborate efficiently with the telephony device of their choice that their business can benefit from 100% including mobile phones and electronic gadgets capable of video conferencing.

Fact #3

Most companies secure their enterprise phone systems as a corporate unified communications technology that is combined voice with another technology to update and improve collaboration. They use audio, web, and videoconferencing, desktop sharing, voicemail, email, presence, streaming, or live.

Fact #4

The enterprise phone system using Voice over Internet Protocol or (VoIP) technology delivers high-quality, dependable digital voice services at a lower cost.

Fact #5

Tempe Technology is one of the leading providers of enterprise phone systems solutions including a Hosted Voice solution that provides next-generation technology for superior quality, reduced costs, and modern collaboration features.


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