Business Phone Systems

Business Phone Systems: Which enterprise phone system is best for your business?

What is enterprise phone system?

Business phone systems is an array of phone systems designed to handle multiple calls at once. It has the capability to transfer calls just within the company and does offer features that are improved compared to your regular residential phone systems, providing companies different set of scales to manage incoming and outgoing calls.

Advantages of enterprise phone system to your business There are many advantages to having your business evaluated by an expert and that is what we at Tempe Technology do best. We assess and design based on our client wants and business needs. Here are a few advantages to having an engineering expert design your enterprise phone system.

• Helps in managing high call volume and routing to employees

• Gives you the availability and option to choose from these three types of phone systems namely KSU, VoIP, and PBX

• Providers reliable, high customer satisfaction evaluation and responsive technical assistance

Today’s business phone systems include these features:

• Multiple lines allow employees to shift between calls to better manage high call volume.

• Auto attendant provides automated greetings to callers, offers number system options and route the person to the right employee and department

• Visual voicemail allows you not just store recorded messages, it also allows transcribing the voicemail sending it directly to recipient’s email or as a text message

• Conference calls allows you to schedule meetings with multiple callers in conference calls. This is applicable to businesses and enterprises employees working remotely

• Call forwarding allows you to forward calls to both a number and an email address

• On-hold messages allows to record messages, and lets those on hold clients know that their calls will be answered as soon as possible with a track as a hold music
• Handset support allows your phone systems to be compatible with wired and wireless headsets

When looking for a business phone systems provider, check their manufacturer and record history including client reviews and if there is an available customer service should there be any problem that might arise. What determines the number of lines to choose for your business phone is the size of the organization and the volume of calls needed to be answered. Usually, smaller organizations work perfectly well with four lines.

The three basic types of business telephone systems are KSU, PBX, and VoIP. each of these phone systems is a hosted (cloud) and/or a non-hosted version.

Below, we have specified for you how these business phone systems differ from each other.

Key System Units features

• Most basic phone system
• It uses the key system unit known as the KSU
• Suitable for small businesses of up to 40 phone operators

• easy-to-use system, relatively comparable to a home telephone system
• Has all the basic features a business will need
• It is portable and flexible, and does not use the central switching unit

• Comparatively, lacks portability and flexibility
• Uses a central switching device which manually determine the phone-line selection
• One variation is called KSU-less
• It has the same phone capabilities of basic phone system
• Entirely wireless
• It only allows for approximately 10 phone operators
• It is not sold commercially
• It needs to be requested from a phone-system provider
• Ideal system for a very small business that doesn't intend to expand its workforce
• Not ideal for small businesses looking to grow

Private Branch Exchange

• more advanced system than the KSU and KSU-less systems
• Uses programmable switching devices
• Allows automatic routing of incoming calls
• Suitable for a company with more than 40 employees
• Features an uninterruptible power supply
• Allows businesses to remain functional even without electricity
• A variation is the hosted PBX
• It is hosted by a telephone provider
• Not installed on the premise
• Cost efficient

Voice over Internet Protocol

• The most advanced business phone system
• Allows overseas conversations and communications
• Works both with the use of internet and a computer
• Comparatively, it is the most costly business phone system
• The best feature about VOIP system is all functionalities can be accessed by a computer
• Can also be hosted
• Less installation and maintenance involved
• Service provider hosts the main telephone system for the business using it

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