2020 Cyber Scams to Watch Out For

2020 Cyber Scams to Watch Out For

Our security experts agree, these are the top scams you need to be aware of as we begin the 2020's.

Tech Support Scams

Someone from "Tech Support" calls and says that their system has detected a virus on your PC and they need to access it remotely to remove it. That's not what they really want to do. What they will do, if you give them access to your PC, is to install malware and get you to pay for fake repairs and dubious security software.

Payment Processing and Re-Shipping Scams

You get a legitimate looking invoice from a scammer asking you to send them money so they can re-ship an item to you. They might say that they got it by mistake, or that there is postage due among other things. In reality, there is no item. Only lost money! Beware of this one!

Phishing Scams

Scammers use fake text messages, email, web sites and even phone calls to trick someone, at random, into sharing your private data with them. Often, they will make a web site that looks legitimate, like your bank or cable provider and try to trick you with it. Be warned, using it is a bad idea. Once you share information with them, you could find your bank account drained or your credit card maxed out. Our cyber-security training helps your employees understand these and more tricks that scammers use to compromise your security.

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