IT Security

Our security options eliminate capital expense and reduces ongoing cost by staying well-ahead of cyber threats and vicious malware attacks.

With Tempe Technology, we make sure to provide different options to eliminate unnecessary costs and reduce current fees by providing thorough and comprehensive inspections against cyber threats and malicious malware attacks.

IT Security

The year 2020 was the start of a 360 degrees revolution from having to work from an office to telecommute or working from home. Several companies, if not all, started operating businesses working remotely from their homes and that cloud adoption was operated with the provision on businesses online. It was a significantly critical decision to innovate and prioritize technology as the times bring about changes to the world. Every business has to adapt and optimize their IT security defense against the growing cyber threats without compromising efficiency of work delivery and results. Because of the strict implementation in health security and compliance to national lockdown, businesses continue to operate in a tighter and more cautious online defense against threat. Continued business operations are essential amid this ongoing pandemic with full force managed IT capacity weather onsite or remote support team.

IT Investments

Amid the pandemic, businesses have been relying much on the internet and most businesses if not all is and has been mandatorily needed to be online. Almost 81% of the IT professionals agree to the idea that COVID-19 pandemic brought about the biggest technology breakaway from traditional and traditional approach to business and telecommunication. Businesses are put to so much pressure to be visible and active online to market their products, to reach potential clients, to invite customers to engage in their business. This brought about massive transformation to investing in technology to support businesses to thrive and generate big income even this pandemic, and yes! Investment on technology saves your business in so many ways with lone term benefits.

5G Potential

5G has revolutionize IoT more than ever in the past decade. This made leverage to innovate with new edge computer services and businesses that adopts to significantly enhance its digital capabilities. Its transmission speeds to reaching 10 gigabits per second with the latency less than 4-5 times of 4G, finance and retail industries will be able to perform real-time data analytics. This type of analytics AI power bespoke definitely provides quality customer service experiences. Similar applications will be used in the manufacturing and transportation since faster information gathering and improved IoT allows equally more secure and more timely execution of services.

Preparedness and Flexibility

Since the beginning of the global pandemic in 2019, there has been a need to work remotely and this has ultimately opened new priorities for CIOs. Today, organizations create a more appealing workplace to attract the best talents, lure and ease of remote working.

Throughout the next year, we can anticipate to shift to a mixture business model that will facilitate both the physical office and remote working. Enhancing remote partnerships, and providing the technology that will foster and enable this, will be key to accomplishments and victory.

Behavioral Analytics

Telecommuting or better known as working-from-home was unchartered for many workers and companies at the beginning of 2020. As we move forward to 2021, most people will eventually be accustomed to working from home, and behavioral patterns of employees as well as consumers activity helped sustain everyone’s desires and needs. Social distancing and sanitation practices have become normal, and workplace analytics have participated in to make this effort a success.

These analytics helped improve workers’ safety within the office environments, enabling the enforcement of social distancing while at work in general and during meetings. In 2021, invaluable insights unlock this technology as businesses with insights provided analysis about employee working patterns. When these data are analyzed, it has provided business leaders with vital overview of employee engagement.

Proactive cybersecurity

Recent survey shows that 25% of respondents reported an increase in receiving phishing attempts, spam and fraudulent emails to their corporate emails since the beginning of COVID-19 crisis. Employees working remotely were left more susceptible and at risk to hackers and malwares. As telecommuting or remote working continues to rise in number and multiple devices and connected to wherever, there is a big risk for cybersecurity.

Businesses are left vulnerable to many safety issues associated with remote working even when 88% of IT team superiors have necessary changes to their cybersecurity protocols. When it is vital to hold up to improved connectivity, it is critical to repair mistakes that were identified in 2020 to deliver a safe working space for employees. As we move forward to 2021, it is important to invest in automation and AI-driven security products to allow businesses to advance in terms of control in this ever-changing interphase.

Priorities foresight

Innovation was inevitably necessary for 2020. Successful businesses acted promptly to IT security issues which pushed growth onto the industries. As we move further into 2021, business owners must learn from the past 12 months of doing everything over the internet in terms of business strategies and marketing. There has been an increase in the struggle of last year brought about by the lockdown, so CIOs have overcome this challenge by optimizing fully their investments in IT security. This has enabled companies to capitalize on the need for change to adapt to global change.