IT as a Service




Organizations are constantly optimizing their Information Technology infrastructure to work smarter, faster and truly benefit business.



Here’s what it is:

When you sit down to enjoy a meal at a nice restaurant, do you agonize over the amount of each ingredient the chef uses to make the food you order? Do you wonder about the timing of when each ingredient was added, where they were from, and what temperature it was cooked at? Or do you look at the menu, find a dish that looks tasty, and are happy when it meets and even exceeds your expectations?

Let’s think of this as your IT department. When your corporate IT infrastructure was designed, did you choose from a wide variety of tools and systems that were ready to benefit your business? Did it cost what you expected? Was it ready to work for you from day one?

Don’t worry, most companies can’t answer yes to that either.

We help you plan:

Systems and networking infrastructure.
IT Support and Risk Management.
Cost Management
Management of Services – Not Systems.
Management Applications.

It as a Service (ITaaS) from Tempe Technology takes the complexity out of managing your office IT infrastructure. We provide the expertise and technical coverage to your company. You pay only for what you use and get it quickly. We help you plan and implement your systems and application infrastructure.